Harnessing The Power Of Mental Models

(At the moment, this workshop is only offered as in-house workshop)

In a world of incessant change, organisations are feeling the need to transform the way they work in order to respond to new challenges. But transforming the way we work can lead to internal as well as external conflicts which need to be skilfully managed. To successfully sustain the transformation, fundamental shifts in belief systems are required both at the organisational level as well as at a personal level. All of us have beliefs or mental models about what is important (i.e. values) and true about the world. By shifting these mental models, we can dramatically change the way we work and consequently the outcomes we get.
So how do we shift mental models? This workshop offers simple, yet powerful tools and strategies to leaders, managers, as well as individuals, to help shift not only their own mindsets but also those that they work with. In doing so, these people will be able to harness more of the inner resources that reside within themselves and others to successfully respond to the challenges of today.

By the end of the workshop, participants would be able to

  • Appreciate the power of Mental Models in driving or limiting our actions and results.
  • Surface, challenge, and critical beliefs that underlie our current actions.
  • Activate and sustain new beliefs using Questions.
  • Gain insight by combining the power of Metaphors with Questions to see things from multiple perspectives.
  • Uncover value systems that are responsible for many of our conflicts in times of change.
  • Align value systems to minimize conflicts.
  • Learn to use different frames of seeing to look at situations more holistically.

Topics covered…

  • How Beliefs Drive Our Actions For Better Or For Worse
  • How to Uncover our Mental Models
  • How to Challenge Mental Models
  • How to Reframe Mental Models Using the 3-C Approach
  • How to Use Questions To Activate and Sustain Mindsets
  • How Conflicts Are Caused By Misalignment Of Value Systems
  • How to Uncover Value Systems Using A 3-Step Approach
  • How to Align Value Systems To Eliminate Conflict Using The 3-R Approach
  • How to Recognize and Apply Multiple Frames Of Thinking

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