Advanced Systems Thinking (Virtual Workshop 2 days)


This workshop builds on the Systems Thinking Using 3QueST™ workshop.  So ideally, you should attend that workshop first.

In the introductory workshop, we learned that when we try to improve a system, there are only 3 possible outcomes.  Things can get better, or worse, or just stay the same, resisting our best efforts at making things better.

But how a system responds is a bit more complicated when we look at it over a longer time frame.  For example, a system may get better at first, giving us a false sense of security, only to fail later.  Or sometimes a system shows dramatic growth only to be followed by stagnation.

So how do we foresee and deal with such situations?

This is where the Systems Archetypes come in.  Systems Archetypes are typical patterns of interrelationships in systems.  Understanding these archetypes allows us to be mindful and more aware of the kinds of connections that are around us, helping us to navigate difficult situations.

Some of the Systems Archetypes covered in this Advanced Workshop include…
  • Fixes That Fail
  • Shifting The Burden
  • Eroding Goals
  • Escalation
  • Limits To Growth
  • Tragedy Of The Commons
  • Success To The Successfu


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