Advanced Systems Thinking With 3QueST™ 


Online Workshop

Facilitated By Dr. Jacob Lee

2 Days

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This online workshop builds on the Introduction To Systems Thinking Using 3QueST™ workshop.  So ideally, you should attend that workshop first.

This is because this Advanced course is based on the 3QueST™ framework that we covered in the introductory course.  Therefore you need to be familiar with the 3 Questions That Systems Thinkers ask and the basic tools to help you answer those questions.

From there we can move on to cover more advanced strategies.  For example, in the introductory course, we learned some basic tools to anticipate and deal with unintended consequences.  In the Advanced course, we learn to recognize the 4 common types of unintended consequences.  They are:

  • Fixes That Fail
  • Shifting The Burden
  • Eroding Goals
  • Escalation

And we will also learn the corresponding strategies to deal with each type of unintended consequence.

In the introductory workshop, we learned about growing success by implementing Success Loops. 

But we will see, in this Advanced course, that a period of sustained success can also lead to new problems.  Such as:

  • Limits To Growth
  • Tragedy Of The Commons
  • Success To The Successful

If you look around, these are the kinds of problems we face today even as our economy grows! We will discuss strategies to address these kinds of problems.

The format of the Advanced course is similar to that of the introductory course.  It is a blend of videos and Zoom sessions.

For customization or in-house requests, please email Dr. Jacob Lee at [email protected].

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