About Dr. Jacob Lee

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Dr. Jacob Lee is the Principal Consultant of Hedgehog Consulting.  He obtained his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

While he was a member of the Business Administration Faculty at the the National University of Singapore, he taught Information Technology as well as Systems Thinking.  Later, he joined the Singapore Management University as an Associate Professor of Teaching.

He has since left academia and, for more than a decade, has been actively engaged in coaching organisations to develop their capacities in the Disciplines of the Learning Organisation including Systems Thinking and Mental Models.  He also developed a unique and innovative method called 3QueST™ to make it easier for people to learn and to apply Systems Thinking to their work and lives.  It is this 3QueST™ framework that distinguishes his Systems Thinking workshops from others.

At the same time, Dr. Lee also offers his Systems Thinking courses through the Civil Service College as an Associate Trainer.

In 2004, working with Ms Khoo Seok Lin as a partner, he co-created and co-facilitates the Leading and Sustaining Graduate Diploma Programme.  

Interestingly, Dr. Lee’s early background was in Information Technology.  But he understands that the success of any technology implementation is not just about technology.  It has to do also with people, policies and politics. Systems Thinking provides a broader framework to think about these issues not only in implementing new technology, but when rolling out any other types of programs and initiatives. Systems Thinking itself is part of a broader framework which Peter Senge (also from MIT) calls the Disciplines of the Learning Orgnisation.

Dr. Lee has found such tools very useful not only in work but also in its application to personal life. Participants in his workshops will quickly discover this under Dr. Lee’s coaching.   Therefore, his workshops have been very popular and well received.  Participants have described their experience in the workshops as insightful, fun, inspiring and even life-changing!  And when participants find value in applying what they have learnt to their personal lives, they will inevitable want to bring their learning to their work and organisations.

Dr Lee has been a facilitator, consultant and trainer for more than a decade to many organisations both in the Public Service and in the private sector.  He has worked with organisations from various sectors including education, defense, healthcare, manpower, labour, insurance and banking.

(Connect With Me Via Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacoblee2612/)


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