Identifying Keywords In Your Niche For Your Online Business

I have discussed the growing gig economy driven in part by technological advancement.

For many freelancers, we have to create our own income security by delivering value to others.  And as most businesses are migrating online, anyone who wants to create an income stream must consider an online business.

The success of your online business depends on the quantity and quality of the traffic you draw.

And this means that Keyword research is very important for your business.

The success of your advertisements (e.g. Facebook ads or Google Adwords)  or blog in drawing traffic will depend on the choice of Keywords you choose for your niche.

Keywords are the words or phrases people key into search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.  It is an indicator of demand for some service or product.

At the same time, we need to pay attention to supply i.e. competitors.  We do not want to have too much competition for those keywords.

Once you determine valuable keywords, you will use those keywords in your advertisements and blogs.  So when people type those words into search engines, your blog or ads show up higher in the search and so you gain traffic.

So how do we find keywords that have good demand without excessive competition?

Let’s watch this video lesson on…

How to do keyword research with Jaaxy. 

You should choose keywords or phrases with traffic Avg>40 and competition QSR<100 in Jaaxy. And use these words in your ads or blogs to draw traffic.

You can sign up with Jaaxy directly but…I recommend another way because for the same price you get a whole lot more.  Because in addition to Jaaxy, you get online training courses, ability to host up to 25 websites, live webinars etc.

To sign up click here for your free Starter account.

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