The Top 15 Skills Needed For The Future

In a previous post, we discussed John Hagel’s view of the top types of careers in a world increasingly dominated by the machine.  He highlighted Creators, Coaches and Composers as the 3 kinds of careers that will do well.  I added a fourth, the information Curator.

But up to this point, we have not discussed the skills need to survive and to thrive as we  restructure into a freelance or gig economy.

So in this post, I will bring your attention to a futurist organisation – the Institute For The Future (IFTF) – who have identified the top 15 “super skills” that are needed for you to be “future fit”!

The IFTF organised the 15 skills into 5 groups which they call Peak Performance Zones.

The 5 Peak Performance Zones are:

  1. Make Yourself Known
  2. Befriend The Machines
  3. Build Your Tribe (your network of collaborators)
  4. Make Sense (of what is going on in the world)
  5. Keep It Going (minimizing risks and sustaining ourselves)

The first Peak Performance Zone is Make Yourself Known.  And one of superskills under this is to be able to create your Personal Brand.  We had talked about branding issues here.

Another Peak Performance Zone is Befriend The Machines.  The skills required here involve partnering and working with machines.  This is a bit of a different take from John Hagel’s view.  Do not be surprised that different people have different views concerning the future.  It’s good to look at different perspectives to be prepared.

The IFTF have created a map for these 15 future skills.  So I won’t elaborate further.  Instead, click here to get the Future Skills Map.

See you in the next post!

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