A Cautiously Optimistic View Of The Future

In an earlier post, I discussed 2 possible views of the future of work and technology.

The optimistic view is that while technology will kill a lot of jobs, it will also create more new ones.  In this view, AI is a net creator of jobs.

The other view is less sanguine.  Technology will lead to a net loss of jobs.

Jack Ma’s view is the optimistic view, albeit cautiously so.  See the video below.

Furthermore, he says those of us above 50 years old don’t have too much to worry about!  Well, phew!  I am over 50!

Hear him discuss where the new solutions and new jobs will come from.  And the sort of education for the young that is needed. He also talks a bit about the history of technological advancement.

I am rooting for him because I am rooting for the optimistic scenario of the future.  I am hoping for the best!

But it is always wise to be prepared, and not to close ourselves off to other possibilities – even if they may be unpleasant.

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