Systems Thinking: Do You GRASP™ The System? (2 days)


It is not uncommon to see programs and initiatives fail in their intended goals to address stubborn systemic problems.  Examples of such challenges include

  1. increasing innovation and productivity in both the public and private sectors;
  2. reduction of waste and increasing the rate of recycling;
  3. increasing birth rates;
  4. improving safety in the wake of increasing use of Personal Mobility Devices; 
  5. or even something as mundane as getting customers to return their trays after a meal at the hawker centre.

One of the major reasons why our strategies may fail to achieve the desired objectives is our inability to understand the perspectives of various stakeholders and their interconnectedness within the system.

Sure, we have our surveys and focus groups.  But these have their inherent limitations.  Words alone may not convey the whole picture. 

This is where the GRASP™ methodology comes in.  It is an innovative process that draws from Design Thinking, Behavioural Insights and LEAN.  GRASP™ can be used to understand stakeholders, collect more useful and nuanced data, and gain more insights. By putting us in the shoes of our stakeholders, GRASP™ helps us understand their “pain points”.  This will then naturally lead to more innovative solutions, programs, and initiatives.

In other words, learning this methodology, in this program, helps us to GRASP™ the system!

This course does not require you to have a Systems Thinking background.  But if you already do (e.g. you attended the Basic Systems Thinking and/or the Advanced Systems Thinking workshops) you will find GRASP™ to be an important complement to the tools in your Systems Thinking arsenal.

Some of the features of the program include…

  • Practice tackling and solving real-life issues
  • Participating in immersive hands-on exercises and experiences
  • Getting useful templates specially designed to facilitate the GRASP™  process

What Participants Say

“GRASP Design Thinking contains all the basic information on developing innovative ideas. Innovation as simple as 123!”
~ Richard Soh, Head Investigation, Integrated Fraud Management, United Overseas Bank

“Now everytime I have a problem, no matter how small, I find myself referring back to the tips I picked from Joel’s course. He put a lot of thought into designing the process of innovation – It’s almost like a fun game, which in itself is a great innovation.”
~ Annalyn Ng, Data Scientist, Author, “Numsense! Data Science for the Layman”

“I like the energy of the instructor. Also very clear in the delivery.”
~ Harold Gan, Director, Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA)

“Very well organized, interactive, highly engaging, active participation. Joel is awesome!”
~ Lee Choon Moi, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

“I like the structured nature of the course and how easily relatable it is to the participants. I can see that the participants are all engaged.”
~ Ryan Lim, Assistant Director, Temasek Polytechnic

“Instructor is humble and approachable and generous and sincere in sharing the knowledge.”
~ Shinta Narulita, Senior Accountant, Modec Offshore Singapore

“I enjoyed learning together with my team and having the opportunity to ideate together. The learning atmosphere was relaxed and conducive.”
~ Florence Lee, Senior Academy Officer, Ministry of Education (MOE)

“Highly interactive workshop with lots of interesting activities to keep everyone engaged.”
~ Chen Guan Han, Senior Manager, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)

“Understand better about solving problems by identifying the root of the problems with systematic approach and questioning.”
~ Rudy Khairon Daiman, Trainer, Singapore Prison Service

“It was a fulfilling experience. The framework allows me to have greater empathy for the user.”
~Chen Bohan, Police Officer


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