Design Thinking Discovery Workshop (1 day)

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Design thinking is now an integral part of several industries, including service delivery (service design), product design, UX (interface design), and many others.

So what exactly is design thinking? This course cuts offers a comprehensive overview of what design thinking is, why it’s an essential tool for growth and development, and how to apply it.

Learn how design thinking is used to innovate and solve problems elegantly, both at work and at home, through interactive and insightful activities that reveal the heartbeat of design thinking.

Through this workshop you will be able to:
• Explain the crux of Design Thinking and differentiate it from other problem solving and innovation methodologies
• Empathise better with stakeholders in various situations
• Identify the basic processes of Design Thinking
• Identify and manipulate the tools of Design Thinking
• Understand the context and conditions for applying Design Thinking tools

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