About Joel Ng

Joel Ng is an Associate Trainer with Hedgehog Consulting and has more than 13 years of experience as an innovator and a problem-solving practitioner.

He runs the 2-day Systems Thinking: Do You GRASP™ The System? workshop offered by Hedgehog Consulting.

He is skilled in Design Thinking, Service Design, Change Management, Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing. He applies his knowledge to help organisations deliver higher quality services to their clients; diagnose and solve systemic issues creatively to enhance operations; and surge ahead of the competition through opening blue ocean markets.

Joel is the Inventor and Master Trainer for the proprietary GRASP™methodology that combines Design Thinking with Behavioural Insights and Lean Processing principles into a holistic problem-solving and innovation toolkit. He published Innovation within GRASP™ – the Ultimate Cheatbook in Innovative Solutioning, a Practitioner’s Playbook to the GRASP™ solutioning process. The Playbook empowers individuals with the essential tools for practical product, process and policy innovations. He regularly conducts workshops and leads consultancy projects to disciple private and public sector agencies in the mastery and application of GRASP™.

Highlights of his career include taking on the role of Innovation Lead at Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for homeland security. His team was responsible for nurturing and growing the innovation culture across the 26,000-strong force. His core work involved leading national-level projects to promote and improve emergency safety and security standards, such as the First Aider Marker (Ref: The Straits Times, 10 Sep 2017) and the Security Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) Programme. Joel introduced Design Thinking as the foundational language of innovation across the 10 MHA Departments, to complement the conception and implementation of MHA’s strategic innovation framework – a coherent and coordinated structure to drive Digital Revolution, Operational Innovation and Public Service Transformation plans and initiatives.

He was also appointed a Senior Business Analyst for Service Design at the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech). His team was responsible for using Service Design to solve wicked real-world citizen-focused issues. His key projects included helping Overseas Singaporeans in distress and improving the livelihood of Vulnerable Households.

Joel is a certified Associate Adult Educator under the Institute for Adult Learning’s Adult Educator Professionalism programme (AEP-AAE). He has 3 IDEO-U certifications in Foundations in Design Thinking, Insights for Innovation, and From Ideas to Action. He was a recipient of the Home Team Achievement Award in 2017 and the Home Team Operational Excellence Award in 2018.

He has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a Graduate Diploma in Leading and Sustaining Change from Singapore’s Civil Service College.

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